"Santa can't do it alone!"

Artwork of cover NOT FINAL.

Artwork of cover NOT FINAL.

9-year old Chrissy Deigh is obsessed with Christmas. She is so obsessed with the Holiday, it's a part of her everyday life...365 days a year, seven days a week, and 24 hours a day! She listens to Christmas music year round, watches Christmas specials, decorates her own personal Christmas tree and counts down to the big day in her 365-day Advent calendar. Her Mom and grown-ups don't seem to mind, but her classmates bully her endlessly for still believing in Santa Claus and her always on Christmas spirit. On one fateful day, a mysterious blue-haired woman magically appears in Chrissy’s bedroom to offer a job to work for the North Pole!  Chrissy is needs to check on kids from 1-92, finding out whether or not if they're naughty or nice. The job comes with great perks like meeting with Santa on Christmas Day and the use of Christmas Magic. However, Christmas Magic has it's limitations. She can't use magic it in the real world, or she'll get in trouble. Also, her job is a BIG SECRET! Not even her Mom or ANYONE in school must know. Along the way, Chrissy discovers the naughty or nice truth about working for the North Pole...all while surviving 4th grade.

From the person that brought "Maddie Mckenszie" to life comes an ultimate "Christmas Story" for a modern age.

Unwrapped Friday, December 5th 2014!

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