Merry Chrissy Character Profiles: Meet Tyler

Making a book is hard. Doing it independently is even harder. These are the stories I want to share behind making "Merry Chrissy and the Naughty or Nice Truth.”

Part 3: Meet Tyler - a friend 'til the end

Tyler Dirkelson is a 9-year-old boy who suddenly starts a friendship with the Christmas-obsessed Chrissy Deigh. While Chrissy is usually assertive and in control, Tyler is more introverted and reserved. Tyler is kind, knowledgeable and tolerant of Chrissy’s sometimes odd behavior. The two meet after Chrissy is forced to get out of the house and play by the demands of her mother on a warm Summer day. From the beginning, he's aware that Chrissy is unusual, but never questions or criticizes it. While Tyler is more interested in playing with model trains, the two kids have one thing in common: both are main targets in bullying by Charlotte and her friends. Together, both Chrissy and Tyler need one another while surviving 4th grade.

Compared to the more agile and nimble Chrissy, Tyler is more weak bodied and this will show when he deals with gym class for example. However, does he still believe in Santa Claus? Chrissy is quite unsure.

Designing Tyler

An early sketch of Tyler.

An early sketch of Tyler.

Tyler is the average, dorky kid. To be honest, there is really nothing that stands out other than his hair. I sticked to mostly earthly colors that match his down to earth persona. I bit oversized, but not too much. He has thick black glasses that likely have a strong prescription of some sort. You could probably find a kid that looks just like this somewhere in America. On the outside, it may seem he has a flat personality, but it’s not overwhelming. He is quite intelligent and picks up on things that Chrissy overlooks. He is the voice of reason. It’s very important to note he is not a fighter and the idea of arguing with Charlotte or a dodgeball fight sends chills down his spine. Still, Chrissy sees Tyler as important since they start to develop a friendship.

Could Tyler and Chrissy’s friendship mean…much more? You'll have to read to find that out!

Merry Chrissy and the Naughty or Nice Truth is a middle-age grade novel designed for ages 9 and up. It is scheduled to be released on December, 5th 2014. Go to For the latest updates. You can also follow Merry Chrissy on Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and more.