Merry Chrissy Character Profiles: Meet Mistletoe

Making a book is hard. Doing it independently is even harder. These are the stories I want to share behind making "Merry Chrissy and the Naughty or Nice Truth.”

Part 4: Meet Mistletoe - A Merry Mentor

Mistletoe, a.k.a "Missy Toel" is an employee...from the North Pole. She used to be a "lister" after taking a new position leading the entire "listing" division of "North Pole Incorporated". (A lister is a person who travels from home to home to check if kids are Naughty or Nice.) There is open position that she must fill on short notice and this is where she meets Chrissy Deigh for the first her bedroom. At first, Chrissy is reluctant in doing such an odd job, but she changes her mind once she finds out she will meet the real Santa at the end of the season. A born leader, Mistletoe trains what will be the youngest ever lister in North Pole Incorporated history. Little does Chrissy know that  Mistletoe has quite a history with the company and is reluctant to reveal anything about her past.

She s a 26-year-old woman who, like Chrissy, is full of the Christmas spirit. It's important to note that she is much more experienced in dealing with non-believers, so her enthusiasm about Christmastime can be muted at times. She is very career-minded, moving up in the ranks rather quickly than her peers. This will be a major issue of contention with another rival lister.

Not only Mistletoe is tasked to help Chrissy become a lister, she also is handling logistics - a.k.a. to ensure that the whole company doesn't fall apart...which is showing signs of instability with the executives meddling into their mission of making kids dreams from 1-92 come true. While Mistletoe often has the best intentions for Chrissy and her well being inside and out of the North, she still must follow the many myriad rules that she is asked to adhere to.

Designing Mistletoe

The first ever (rough) sketch of Mistletoe.

The first ever (rough) sketch of Mistletoe.

The motif of Mistletoe's design is Winter. Her hair is blue and so is the rest of her outfit in mostly blue hues. She is dressed appropriately for the cold weather she faces inside and outside the world of North Pole Incorporated. It may not be too flashy, but comfortable for her to wear. As a worker who is under high stress, she is known to kick back and drink an Egg Nog to keep her nerves at bay. The rules and regulation that she must follow at work frustrate Mistletoe and  Chrissy as well, but she sometimes finds a way to make Chrissy happy at her job.

We hear that Mistletoe knows a lot more about Chrissy than she does! I can't say much more, but you'll need to read my book to find out! 

Merry Chrissy and the Naughty or Nice Truth is a middle-age grade novel designed for ages 9 and up. It is scheduled to be released on December, 5th 2014. Go to For the latest updates. You can also follow Merry Chrissy on Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and more.