The book project #naughtyornice is now known as this...

It took 8 months to get to this stage. What was once a NaNoWriMo project turned into something bigger and badder. I still have a long way to go until it's finished, but it's getting closer to realization. 

The project is no longer known as #naughtyornice.

From here on, it will be referred to this name:

Merry Chrissy and the Naughty or Nice Truth.

A prototype printed paperback version. Artwork not final.

A prototype printed paperback version. Artwork not final.

9-year old Chrissy Deigh is obsessed with all things Christmas. She love Christmas so much, she spreads her Christmas cheer year round. While her Mother and grownups tolerate it, her classmates tease her endlessly. On one fateful day, a mysterious woman appears out of nowhere in her bedroom with an offer she can't refuse - an opportunity to work for the North Pole finding out if kids are Naughty or Nice. While the job has the perks of using magic and getting to meet Santa, there are many...shall we say "Naughty or Nice" situations she faces...all while trying to survive 4th grade.

The production of "Merry Chrissy" from the cover, to the illustrations are done entirely by me. As with my previous titles, it will be published both in eBook and paperback format. As of right now, the paperback will likely be done through Createspace. As for the digital formats, it is likely to be available at least on Amazon (Kindle) and iBooks, with more stores to follow (Google Play, BN, Kobo, etc). Because it is a title heavily associated with Christmas, it will be released later this year. I'm keeping this release date vague in case there are any snags along the way, but I have an ideal of a specific time frame for much of the work to be done. The artwork in the book is about a 3rd of the way done and the story itself currently going through it's 4th revision. This revision is much more structural, removing typos and changing words and phrases here and there. (Protip: DON'T turn "Smart Quotes" on your Mac or you'll spend many hours fixing quotation marks!)

This is my heart and soul written here. This title is a total reflection of my feelings towards the holiday season, bullying and how one deals with being labeled as different, something that a lot of people can relate to. In the coming weeks and months, I look forward to reveal more about the project. Be sure to bookmark and sign up for updates on the site. 

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Bye for now and have a merry day!