The Train of Progress

I'm sitting in the Amtrak waiting station in Penn Station, waiting for a train that will bring me to Baltimore. I talked about this before, but I consider the train a very important part of life recently. Why? I started drawing again on one!

You have to start somewhere.

You have to start somewhere.

The first drawing was a bit...iffy, but I knew it would be. In 2010 en route to Baltimore for Otakon, I began drawing what would be now known as Princess Penelope. Several other ideas managed to escape my head and 3 years later, I self published my first ever picture book starring Maddie Mckenszie. This Fall, I plan to release me 3rd title that's actually an novel with illustrations. Wow. Such Accomplishment. Many Dedication. I know, I'm getting to memey (and off topic here), but it's important to never give up on what you started, no matter how many times you fail or struggle. Being an artist has built up my patience. It's that patience and adherence to putting out work regularly that has nearly transformed me. Maybe I'm getting older and you want to slow it down, but this work that I do with my art has such a profound change on my life. A purpose in life other than watching TV or playing video games. Don't get me wrong, I like doing that, but I do those activities less frequently these days. I want to make my own adventures, not live in some one else's world.

It's great to see people comment on your work, especially from a standpoint from when I first started out. It's also expected to face criticism and assumptions of what I do and my characters purpose. I'm not worried about that. Even if someone hates what I draw, at least they took the time to pay attention to it in the first place.

I'm heading off to BronyCon, a convention geared primarily towards fans of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" To an outsider, it can seem weird as hell but then again, several thousand people gather across the street to watch what is essentially a kids game, so the feeling is mutual. I wrote a "BronyCon 2014 Survival Guide" mainly geared towards newcomers to the convention. With the average age of a "Brony" being around the age of 20, there is a lot of new blood to the convention scene. The organizers are expecting bigger crowds to arrive this year. Hopefully, its not on the level of Otakon 2013 (that also uses the Baltimore Convention Center...until 2016 when they move to D.C.) attendance. About 32k showed up at Otakon last year. BronyCon only drew more than 8k, but it's growth compared to the previous ones held in New York was stratospherically high. To give you an idea of how big it's getting, it took 5 years for Otakon to move from Hunt Valley to only a small part of the BCC. BronyCon did it in 2. 

I hope the Baltimore locals are nice as they were last year. BronyCon It may not be a much of a laughing matter when Otakon, their second biggest convention for the city bolts after 2016.

After this weekend, I'm heading back home to start my staycation. I haven't gone on a real vacation in a long time, so home is where the heart is. I have a book to work on, so it might be worth my while to get some things done, maybe see a movie or 2. Next year, I may not even go to BronyCon. It's not that I'm tired of it, I really, REALLY want to go to D23 Expo in Anaheim and California in general. It's not until August 2015, so I have a lot of time to think about that.