The Mix: Connecitcon report, Merry Chrissy updates and more

In between preparing for conventions and work on my first Children's book novel still in progress, I'm a busy guy lately. Here are some current updates.

Connecticon 2014

My Artists Coloy Booth at Connecticon

My Artists Coloy Booth at Connecticon

I would consider Connecticon a good experience for the most part Artist Alley wise. The only problems I had was finding the loading dock. The instructions given on the Convention Center website was really poor. Took me about 3 tries and I got in. After that, it was no problem. When coming to my booth, there was no cloth on the table. For future events, I may have to invest in such a thing.

The majority of my sales were from my prints. The most popular print was the "Mane 6", followed by...Dipper Pines (which surprised me) Anna, Elsa and Ralph and Vanellope was tied for 3rd. Next year, I may bring smaller prints or buttons. I'm on the fence if I should invest in a button puncher or not. I probably need to work on the display a bit more. The cubes aren't cutting it.

Would I come back next year? Likely yes (since I had to shell out a $250 tax license. Thanks Connecticut!), but it's too far out to be certain. I love my personal projects, but the majority of the attention the crowd gathered towards my fanart. It's a hard fact to deal as a creative. The clientele of Connecticon is mostly the geek crowd (a.k.a. the teenage/college crowd), so I'm sorry I didn't provide you anything Homestuck or Pokemon. That's not my thing.

My booth mates were interesting. One was a guy who sold pop culture/geek "propaganda" posters and on the other side was a 6-year old girl with her mother selling her own Pokemon / Pony art. I found out that they were related to the owner of Level-Up Studios, that sells many geek/video game/internet culture shirts (which I own a few). As they say, this is a "Massive, Multi-Genre Convention." Better words would be a massive all you can nerd convention.

Because I had to be behind my table, I didn't get much of a chance to venture around the city or do many panels, but I mostly did a few after AC closed.

Merry Chrissy update

Last night, I finished the 4th revision of "Merry Chrissy and the Naughty or Nice Truth". Previous revisions were done entirely on my Mac, but this time I had the Proof printed out. Leafing through an actual, printed copy of the book made editing the book a lot easier. Largely, this edit was for style and proofreading issues. I feel I can't add anything else to the book, so no new characters or major scenes will be added. I may get some beta readers and its on to an editor. I'm firm with the release date of "later this year" right now. That means, definitely Holiday Season 2014. After all, it's a book related to Christmas and releasing a book about that in January wouldn't make sense.

Illustrations are behind. I know I need to pick up the pace on this. About a 3rd of the work is done. I may have to burn the midnight oil to make this happen. I HATE procrastination intensely. I'm the guy that shops early for Christmas presents and makes vacation plans as early as possible.

I'm planning to make this book possibly a 3-book series. I have some ideas for where the series may head that I need to write down. It's too far to think down the road, but this is for the long term.

Air Stylus mini review

This is $20 I may never get back. I can't see anyone using this app to draw compentely. For those not in the know, it is an app for iPad that works with your computer that makes it a poor man's Cintiq. You use a Bluetooth Stylus like the Adonit Jot Touch 4 to draw and your iPad to draw on your Mac. In a perfect world, this would be a great tool to use, but the lag makes it totally unbearable. It is reliable on Bluetooth and a wireless connection to the Internet. I'm still holding in for any updates, but so far, this app has not impressed me. You're better off using an actual drawing tablet or better yet, using Procreate for iPad with your stylus.

Speaking of Procreate, version 2.1 dropped this week. I haven't gone through it much, but I hope it adds support for the new Adonit Pixelpoint stylus. I'm holding out until they fix the issues with the SDK.

That's it for now. I have to get to work.